Best Smelling Shampoos That Last

So what is the Best Smelling Shampoos? It really is a matter of opinion because not everyone has the same sense of smell. And I can't believe there is anyone that has tried every shampoo on the market, so the best way is to listen to what others are saying about the shampoo they are using. Here are some online comments about the people. 

  1. "Herbal Essences Rainforest Flowers makes your hair smell vibrant, fresh, and super luscious." 
  2.  "The scent of Victoria's Secret So Sexy Shampoo is proven to be a boy magnet." 
  3. "Pantene Pro-V products are so fragrant, but not fruity. All my friends love the smell too." 
  4. "Suave shampoos have just about every wild smell, like vanilla, green apple and even coconut! Plus, the shampoo works great and is extremely affordable."

If you want to find the Best Smelling Shampoo read what others are saying about their shampoo and use your own sense of smell.